About PFP

Regarded as the world’s preeminent awards for marine conservation, Pew Marine Conservation Fellowships have been granted since 1996 to fund innovative work in marine ecosystems, fisheries management, coastal conservation, and marine contamination.

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By focusing on marine conservation, the Pew Fellows Program has strived to:
Enhance and strengthen the activity being devoted to marine conservation by environmental organizations and governments worldwide;
Increase the public’s understanding of the importance of marine systems, concern over their destruction, and support for efforts to protect them from further degradation;

Encourage a greater emphasis in the marine sciences on resource conservation as opposed to resource extraction;

Develop a better understanding of the human systems that affect and are affected by marine systems;

Provide creative individuals with the opportunity to undertake important interdisciplinary work that existing sources of funds do not support; and

Provide motivated individuals with opportunities to cross institutional, disciplinary, and sectoral boundaries, so that they may build bridges between those institutions that have strength in acquiring and analyzing information and those institutions oriented toward promoting sound policies and practices in both the public and private sectors.