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Soccer Goalie Glove Buyers Guide

An excellent goalie glove is the fitting keeper glove. As far as sizing is concerned, personal preference has a lot to do with it. Ideally, goalie gloves should be a bit larger than the hands. In fact, a large glove makes the difference between a goal and a save. However, if is too roomy, you will have less control. You can follow these steps to measure your hand:

  • Using a tape measure to measure circumference of widest part of the palm and exclude the fingersgoal gloves 5r4
  • Round the number in inches to next highest inch
  • Add 1 to the number to find the accurate size of the glove
  • For example, if your palm measures 6.68” round it off to 7 and add 1 and the size of the glove is 8

Type of glove

To find the right type of glove you want, you can divide the soccer keeper gloves into different categories, based on the features and durability. The following are the major types of gloves:

Match gloves

These are meant for tournaments, games, and serious scrimmage play. They are made with latest technologies. They are regarded to be the best football goalkeeper gloves across the world. They are meant for serious goalkeepers playing for travel, high school, club, or professional football.

Training gloves

These are meant for the regular training sessions, scrimmage games, and practices. They are designed for general training needs and entry-level players. The good thing about them is that they can withstand both intensive and regular practices. They have excellent durability as compared to other match gloves. The fact that they are long lasting means that they are meant for frequent use. They are built with the advanced technologies to hone the skills you have.

Weather protection gloves

goal gloves 09881These types of gloves are designed to protect the goalie’s hands in the extreme conditions. They protect the fingers during the gameplay. Moreover, it prevents the injuries like a hyperextension. The material that is inserted into every finger of the gloves stiffens whenever force is applied. In this way, it keeps the fingers safe and straight.

Do you need multiple pairs?

This is dependent on several factors such as training regiment, skill level, and the budget. As you probably know, goalie gloves can be quite expensive, and most of them have latex palm grips that can help hold the ball. It is advisable to own at least two pairs of the gloves.…