E-cigarette as a better alternative to cigarettes

Most of the risks in health, especially of the liver that you hear, have been linked to the smoking of cigarettes. Also from lungs to throat infections, smoking has destroyed many lives and left many amputated. Different organizations have spearheaded campaigns to curb tobacco use and highlight people on the dangers of smoking. While some countries have banned this practice, others continue to embrace it even setting aside designated areas for smokers. Some conscious smokers have opted for different alternatives to counter their smoking habits, the most common being use of electronic cigarettes. An electronic cigarette is entirely distinct compared to tobacco.


It is a pen-like device which uses battery cells to transform liquid nicotine to vapor which is inhaled by the user. The act of inhaling the vapor is known as vaping, and not smoking, as many call it. E-cigs have been of help to many who try to quit smoking. Those who want to try it can check its reviews on Best UK E-Cigs where everything is explained even some of its risks. There are many reasons why many have opted for vaping including the non-smokers. Here is why it is more of an alternative compared to the traditional tobacco cigarette.


Zero smell002

The smell of cigarette irritates many people some of whom find themselves coughing endlessly because of it. Some people may also throw up because of the smell. Many times smokers have to buy sweets or breath fresheners to rub off the smell of tobacco from their mouths. Electronic cigarettes come in different flavors that leave behind a pleasing smell compared to that of tobacco. Those around you are also safe from the irritating smell of tobacco.


Accident free

Forest fires and most house fires have been as a result of cigarettes. Smokers who dispose-off their lit cigar filters carelessly are the main cause of such disasters. Vape pens are powered by battery cells, unlike the traditional cigarettes which require a lighter to burn it. The glowing end of a lit cigar is also dangerous since you may run into a smoker accidentally and get burnt. It can also fall off and cause accidental burns especially when a smoker is not using an ashtray. Switching to the electronic type will help reduce all these accidents.


Reduced health risks

003E-cigs do not discharge tar or carbon monoxide because zero burning takes place. Carbon monoxide is dangerous to one’s body and may result in breathing problems. The vapor in electronic cigarettes has some components of nicotine but at some slightly less percentage compared to that of the traditional one. It being tar-free, the chances of one experiencing lung infections are reduced.…