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Legislation to Help Save Oceans Introduced in U.S. Congress
Coleman Spears Recreational Fishermen in Science
Dead Zone off Oregon Coast May Indicate “Fundamental Change in Oceans”

A 2002 United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) report by Helene Marsh (PF ’98) on the global status of dugongs (large aquatic mammals related to manatees) has been very important to the argument in a court battle between the United States’ government and several conservation groups. The court has been asked to rule on whether the U.S. National Historic Preservation Act can be used to stop the nation’s military from using an landing facility off Okinawa. To access the UNEP report, click on Marsh’s photo at left.


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This issue of MARITUENTAS focuses on the crisis of our oceans and some of the Pew Fellows who are taking actions to help save them.


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